Laser Cutting Services Near Bristol

We have a 100w laser cutter that is capable of cutting balsa and thin plywood plywood

Parts can be cut from CAD drawings, your own drawings or straight from plans. Drawing your own CAD files will save you quite a bit of money - especially as there are a few free CAD programs available.

We can accept DXF or DWG format files, but scans of images  (eg TIF) can be converted to CAD.

Please note, there is a charge for convering to CAD from drawings and plans. Models with a complicated fuselage with lots of stringers will take longer to convert to CAD, to ensure the slots in the formers are all aligned correctly.

We are based near Bristol, approx 10 miles south of Bristol


we can cut.

The bed of the cutter is large enough to easily accommodate full length sheets of balsa.  

Balsa upto 1/2" or 12mm
Ply upto 1/4" or 6mm
card upto 3mm
cardboard upto 1/2"

**we try to avoid cutting plastics due to fumes that are produced while it is cut**

Please note, we cannot cut carbon fibre, glass fibre or metal


You are welcome to supply your own materials - this way you can choose the correct grade/density for each component. We can supply some balsa and ply - but please bear in mind the high postage costs.