Make your own cox glow clip


The glow plug on Cox engines has a different external fitting than normal engines and requires a different clip which is not always readily available. Here is a simple design which is cheap and easy to make. You will need a twenty five amp non insulated crocodile clip( usually sold in car accessory/ hardware shops for around a pound for two)! And a discarded squeezy bottle nozzle top from a syrup container or shampoo bottle. (the budget variety usually have better tops)!

1. Firstly cut off the teeth from the crocodile clip and straighten jaws

2. Cut off approximately 10mm(3/8'') of the lower jaw and trim edge to a semicircle to correspond to shape of glow plug

3. Mark position off glow plug terminal using a dab of correction fluid on top of glow plug and then temporarily fit the clip in place, leaving a white blob where the clip needs to be drilled.

4. Cut out insulator from your squeezy bottle top. And drill to suit a 3mm nut and bolt

5. Drill out the top jaw of the clip to fit your insulator as marked in 3

6. The cross head insert of the screw acts as a location for the glow plug so pass it through the insulator which has been fitted to the top jaw of the clip ( additional fibre washers may be added if necessary)

7. Make a suitable cable from two core automotive speaker cable attach one end to the body of your clip and the other to the insulated 3mm bolt

8. A battery pack can be made by using two D cells soldered together in parallel  to give a high amperage 1.5 volt supply. 



Above the squeezy bottle nozzles make great insulators



Above  clip with 'teeth' removed and jaws straightened

Below finished, with wires soldered to insulator and clip



Above  lower jaw with 10mm cut