Try our latest design - It's easy to build and flies well both indoors and out.

Here's our latest design, The Wells Flyer.  A simple design designed to be a step up from the Hangar Rat. Why not try converting it into an indoor RC model?


you'll need a few strips of 3/32" balsa strip, a small sheet of 3/32", some 1/16th balsa, some 1/16th ply and some 2mm depron. A propellor, prop shaft and thrust bearing will also be needed.

This model can fly indoors and outside in calm conditions.

below is the link for the 1st version of the plan. New versions should appear soon plan Model (1).pdf

and the parts finder - finder.pdf

and the instructions flyer.pdf

Just a few quick notes -

the laminates of the nose block should have alternating grains.

Kits Are now available - email for details - ollie(at)topcocameley1(dot)com.