Easy to build free-flight and control line  models



I build and fly model aircraft as a hobby, and after buying a laser cutter in 2009, have started to design and produce easy to build laser cut kits.  

I've found from experience that the smallest, simplest model is much more fun to build and fly - so you're unlikely to find any model on this website above 4ft wingspan.

The models on this site are very easy to build, making them ideal for beginners. Over time, I plan to add models to cover all aspects of model aircraft flying. The control liners can try the Spitfire, free-flighters can try the hangar rat or the wells flyer, whilst the radio control flyers can start flying with Ugly or Ugly Glider (for slope soaring). Email me for more info - ollie(at)topcocameley1(dot)com

The idea of these models is to introduce people to building model aircraft, using basic building techniques and cheap and readily available equipment. 


Laser Cutting

We own a 100W laser cutter, which is easily capable of cutting 1/8" ply. This, along with it's good accuracy, makes it ideal for making model aircraft. 

All of our kits are laser cut, making assembly much quicker.

I can also provide a laser cutting service, cutting parts from your plans/drawings.